How do I join the Fizz Cuvee Club?

You can join the exclusive Fizz Cuvée Club by checking out our "Join the Club" page. Simply fill out the link at the bottom and one of our Fizz heads will follow up with you to complete your Fizz Club membership!

How does the Fizz Club work? 

By joining the club, you will pay either monthly or every other month (bi-monthly) for incredible fizz sourced by Fizz's Chief Champagne Officer himself! We select only the finest fizz for our customers, and you can pick up your bottles at our DoCo location or have it shipped right to your door!

Can I bring guests to Fizz Club events?  

If you are a Fizz Club member, you can bring guests (depending on the event). For the upcoming Fizz Club Pick-Up Party, club members can bring up to 2 guests. Members must RSVP.

Where is the champagne & fizz sourced?  

Our fizz is sourced specially by us from around the world, including the iconic region of Champagne. 

Will I love Fizz even if I don't drink/know anything about it? 

Absolutely! Fizz is for the champagne-lover and newbie alike. We have a variety of options, including delicious food and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Fizz is the perfect hang-out spot for everyone!